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The New York City Department of Education’s Special Education District 75 provides citywide educational, vocational, and behavior support programs for students who are on the autism spectrum, severely emotionally challenged, and/or multiply disabled. One such service, operated in conjunction with Bellevue Hospital Center, is our Riverview School program – a hospital based Special Individualized Education program. It is generally a 40-day program for emotionally disturbed students aged 5-19 years who are unable to function in a less restrictive school environment.

Classrooms are located on the 21st Floor (21E) of the main hospital (New Bellevue Building). Children placed in these classes also have assigned therapists in the Clinic and receive at least weekly individual psychotherapy and weekly group therapy, including Anger Management groups; some receive psychiatric medication as well. There are weekly scheduled meetings between the P35M school administration and the Clinic Staff to manage the unique needs of each student.